The Sustainable Gift Guide

GUILT-FREE GIVING / The Sustainable Gift Guide


We at Antidote know the holidays can be stressful. As they quickly approach we wanted to give some last minute unique and special gift ideas for your special someone, each piece is made with a little love so nothing will feel last minute. Finding the perfect things for the special people in your life is not always spelled out for you… Until now!

We have made a gift guide for every kind of loved one you can imagine. The gifts reflect Antidote’s core values, the products listed reflect one or more of the following; made in the United States, sustainable, vegan, fair trade, artisanal, social, and recycled! Each piece has a story and a history, to make the gift not just another thing clogging a closet but a piece of your life and a reminder of love. 

Let’s say you have a loved one who is your one and only, a totally unique woman who owns your heart; for her, we have products ranging from Sarah's Bag sparkly clutches to perfect  handmade, felt EDUN trench coats she’ll be sure to love.

Hint! Look for: Eli Grita, Sarah's Bag, EDUN,  LLY Atelier. 

Next up we have the boss lady, the woman who takes charge and leads with courage, in the most stylish way. For her, we have on the go Nora Lozza bags: phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Confidence? CHECK.  Not to mention the cutest boss lady 'Know Your Power' blazer by Maggie Marilyn, to command the room.

Hint! Look for: Nora Lozza,  Maggie Marylin, Cienne, AWOM Club, Where Mountains Meet.

What about the chick who is always grabbing her passport and posting envy inducing vacation selfies? For her, we bring you, the traveler. For her, we have a variety of Stella McCartney swimsuits for a beach getaway, comfy hoodies, and chic heels for a late night dinner.

Hint! Look for: Coclico, Kilometre Paris, Lemlem and Veja. 

No matter where you live and what circle you are in, there is always a party girl, odds are if you don’t know whom it is, it’s you, so get her, or maybe yourself, some awesome presents! Try bags from our Eli Grita x Antidote collaboration, the perfect long-night-proof  SUSI Studio vegan heels for any outfit, and the ‘Don’t Underestimate Me’ silk dress, which doesn’t need a category- it’s perfect for anyone.

Hint! Look for: Maggie Marylin, SUSI Studio and Eli Grita. 

Finally, we introduce you to the risk-taker, the woman in your life who doesn’t think twice and isn’t afraid to go there. She wouldn’t hesitate to push the limits with fashion, and neither do we. For the risk-taker, we have a selection of statement Nora Lozza earrings and Sarah's bag purses, Feminist picks, berets in an array of colors, and the iconic Veja roller-skates.

Hint! Look for: AWOM Club, RE/DONE, Sarah's Bag 


To check out the complete list scroll to the Gift Guide section of our website! You have until December 20th to receive these perfect presents in time for Christmas! Happy Holidays, shoppers!