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CARLA FACHE / Visual Artist / Interview


Interview on Thursday, November 2nd

You are originally from Santiago, Chile, what brought you to Miami?

Yes, I was born in Chile, I left Santiago to learn about other cultures and expand my knowledge. In Chile I felt a little bored, I wanted to discover the world, I was a total adventurer without fear of anything, my heart felt the hurry to take flight so I did it.

When did you start painting?

I think that this is something I am always discovering and is endless. In my case, my first memory of recognizing I could do “magic” with common things, was when I was 5 years old and I discovered that I could use the flower’s color petals as painting, and I started to paint with them. That’s when the magic started…

When I was 23 I came to live alone in United States and I asked for a sign, and the Universe answered me clearly, I was driving by a street in my neighborhood and there I found it ... thrown away like garbage in a corner was a large wooden easel, a canvas with an old paint and a large spatula to mix colors. I started painting in that lectern and from there, seventeen years have passed and many paintings were born since that magical encounter. And here I am - still painting ... art is my whole life and I have a commitment from my soul.

Carla Fache Art

Can you describe a typical day at your studio?

I have several ways to start my day. First I connect with my powers, in my infinite metaphysical world.

Then I have my cup of coffee and I paint, I drink more coffee and I paint. I listen to music and I paint. I listen to the silence and I paint, I listen to my heartbeat and I paint. I feel the process of painting and I enjoy it to the maximum.

Being in my studio I connect with my intuitive state, and I enjoy to the maximum what I love most in life, painting. 

Usually I begin to create a large idea of the painting I want to create and then I try to envision and approach it in a more detailed way. Then, I execute the thoughts onto canvas intuitively. In this process the painting evolves, starts to come alive, and surprises me with its own voice and a strong immediate self-expression.

Carla Fache Art 2

What are you currently working on?

I am working on a project that mixes paintings and concepts. it focuses on pure silent poetry. I've also been making a number of large scale paintings, which are very physically + mentally demanding; but I am enjoying the whole approach. As my essence is quite rebel, I'm using that energy in a well-guided manner. I am daring to mix everything and  I'm very entertained in the process. 

You have 4 different types of paintings you create and installations, which is your favorite?

I do not have a favorite, the types of painting have been intuitively born without any planning and I hope this continues to happen. 

My favorites are all those I want to paint.

What is your favorite piece you have ever done? 

Crossed Destinies. For me that painting is unique and has a lot of mystic and intellectual energy, even though it was created in a very intuitive way.  It is very difficult for me to express that painting in words. It has to be experienced.

How has your work changed over time? 

I find that my work is constantly evolving.

Is there anything you dislike about the art world?

Mmmmm Yes, many things ... the famous bubble of art is a reality.

I would also like that the talent and the quality of the work of  artists is valued more. Today there are many artists and curators with a lot of blah-blah-blah and poor visual quality.

I believe that the art world has been transformed into a world of connections, charlatans and opportunists. The positive thing in all of this,  they want to admit it or not, is that a good artwork speaks for itself and that is what is important for us the real artists.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Inspiration can be a “cliché” word, and I believe in working hard.

Inspiration can find me in any place and at any time, but for me the true one is when I am in the middle of a painting when it suddenly comes to life.  Everyday of my life I think in terms of art and the  “communication with inspiration” is a continuous process in which I develop day by day. I could say that there are certain places that seduce me much more to paint. Usually my art studio is where I am completely free and solely guided by painting - but I can feel a painting in any space, such as when I am driving,  or looking at the ocean, or listening to music, or in silence, or in the chaos of an urban environment... 

What other artist or art form have influenced your work?

Gerhard Richter - our works have similar connections. When I had the opportunity to see his artwork at the Tate Modern in London, it was a revelation on the frequency I shared with an artist. Our work doesn't need long explanations: they speak for themselves.

I also find the work of Katharina Grosse fascinating and powerful.

Music is my great companion when I paint, although I also often like to be silent in my creative process.


Thank you so much for showing us your studio and your magical work, Carla!
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Interview by Stephanie Michals